Potato Salad
Take red skinned potatoes boil and when ready remove cooked skin when still slightly warm. Place in the fridge to cool down, slice up spring onions with a little diced ham, some wedged boiled eggs and Quality Fine Foods Potato Salad Dressing. Serve with your favourite BBQ’ed meat.

You can make potato salad with the skin on to give extra texture and retain more nutrition. Add dill,  chives and parsley with a little white pepper and either Quality Fine Foods Mustard or Aioli Dressing . For extra tang add a little natural yoghurt.

Pasta Salad
Boil your favourite pasta, add some diced, lightly steamed vegetables like broccoli, peas or asparagus with either some tuna or cooked prawns. Delicious with  either Kejun or Pepper Garlic or Mustard Dressing.

Slice your white cabbage and a little red cabbage very finely. Add juliennes of carrots, sliced red and green capsicums and add either Quality Fine Foods Potato or Mustard Mayonnaise.

Caesar Salad
Take cos lettuce, add some fried bacon pieces, some croutons and maybe a little extra parmesan to your liking.  Dress with Quality Fine Food’s Caesar Dressings – “Very Yummy!”