Fine Food WA

Chipotle Chilli & Lime

A Mexican delight. The perfect smokey Chipotle flavour to liven up your BBQ. Drizzle on all meats, poultry and seafood’s. Fantastic as a dipping sauce too. Ole!

Seafood Sauce

The quintessential Australian dressing for all prawns, scallops, squid, crays, crabs and fish on the bbq. The perfect accompaniment to our incredible, local seafood.

Tartare Sauce

It’s not fish n’ chips unless there’s Tartare. The classic partner for local fish, seafood and fresh-cut chips. With tangy gherkins and marinated eggplants.

Black Pepper & Garlic with Parmesan

A lively dressing of black pepper, Dijon mustard, garlic and Parmesan. Lightly toss with pasta of serve with grilled meats, poultry, salads and vegetables.

Cracked Pepper & Garlic

A lively dressing of black pepper, Dijon mustard, free range eggs and garlic. Serve alongside grilled meats and poultry, stir through pasta, salads and sandwiches.


A delicate Provençal sauce of free-range eggs, Dijon mustard and garlic. Serve alongside seafood, poultry, meats, fresh-cut chips and on sandwiches.

Caesar Salad Dressing

The heart of a Caesar salad. A traditional sauce served best with crisp cos lettuce, Parmesan, croutons and bacon.

Creamy Dill Dressing

A creamy, zesty dressing for the summer and winter table. Pair perfectly with salmon, hot or cold potato salads, steamed greens, pasta and fresh seafood.

Creamy French Dressing

A traditional creamy French dressing made with Dijon mustard and free-range eggs. Perfect for coleslaw, leafy green salads, sandwiches and seafood.

Potato Salad Dressing

The perfect way to dress up the humble potato. Made traditionally with free-range eggs and Dijon mustard. Toss through with fresh herbs, lemon zest and capers.

Harissa & Lime Dressing

Our creation of zingy lime with a Middle-Eastern Harissa spice blend of peppers, chilli and herbs. Pair with seafood’s, poultry and meats or fresh-cut chips.

Coleslaw Dressing

Our Coleslaw Dressing is made fresh with WA free range eggs and WA made apple cider vinegar. Its tangy and a little sweet – perfect for dressing coleslaw, salads and sandwiches.