Small Beginnings

The story of Quality Fine Foods started in 1989.

After being a chef with Hilton International and working all over the world and being moved between hotels every 4 years I had decided that I wanted to make my home with my family in beautiful Perth.

I wanted to do something where I could still use my culinary creativity. The idea of starting a small business grew from there. That was when we began a very little ” food manufacturing” business. We first developed a line of French pates and terrines but my interest in creating salad dressings grew.  I loved how many ways there were to dress up those delicious and nutritious vegetables and enhance their natural flavours. Soon the making of Salad Dressings, Toppings and Mayonnaises from all natural ingredients became the business of Quality Fine Foods.

People everywhere were saying that our salad dressings were the best on the market and the orders kept coming in. Now we supply to major supermarkets, catering businesses, restaurants and the public. We even receive orders from all over Australia for people who can’t do without one of our dressings.
Our main principles have and always will be -